Last night I experienced Kim Snyder’s documentary, Newtown. I use the word experienced over watched because of how it made me feel. 

Kim was in the audience along with some of the family members affected by this horrific tragedy.

This film was beautiful in that it did not exploit or sensationalize the people or the event. It was not about the shooter. It was not necessarily a political piece, although you could not walk away  without  thinking  more deeply about guns in our society.

This was about the aftermath of the tragedy, and the lives that the victims families and community now live.  It was powerful and thought provoking. 

Kim Snyder did an outstanding job of gaining the trust of the Newtown community and portraying their profound loss, while showing their resilience to move forward day by day. Their grief, as you can imagine, is stunning. 

I hope everyone will experience this film.  It is important. It will move you and maybe even change you a bit. 


#Sundance #womeninfilm #Newtown

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