As I continue my research for my project I am amazed by the number and variety of stories about women over the age of sixty.

How about the Sun City Poms, a group of women cheerleaders from Arizona.  Holding gold pom poms and dressed in sparkly costumes, these women put on more than 50 shows per year.  While many of these women had early careers, they had not been professional cheerleaders.  Now performing more than 50 shows per year, the Poms step out of their comfort zone as they practice three times a week and learn new dance moves.  They just finished their last performance of the season at a fund raiser event.  I am looking forward to talking with some of these inspiring women soon.

How about the now 69 year old woman who became the mother of twins at age 60?  What motivated her to do this and how has this changed her life?  As a grandmother of three active boys, who visit and then go home to their parents, I am curious as to where this woman finds her energy and inspiration to handle the demands of parenting at this age.

How about Norma, an 80 year old woman who decided she was bored sitting at home after her retirement from nursing. Norma went back to school at 70 to earn a degree in education so she could ensure she had a new career that didn’t require heavy lifting and night shifts.

There are countless other women I am speaking with who contine to inspire me and remind me every day that age is just a number.




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