Five Months

I was interviewing a 67 year old woman yesterday and she asked me how long has it been since I retired from my corporate job and then asked the bigger question, what was the transition like?

Five months.  Almost a half of a year.

Enough time to reflect on this transition.  Enough time to be able to adequately describe my experience.

Excitement, relief, confusion, anxiety, happiness, sadness, anticipation, fear, confidence. These words pretty much sum up the last five months.  

For me, leaving the comfort of work which held so much of my identity has been emotionally tumultuous and liberating at the same time.

Today as I sit here on this beautiful spring morning (I can do that now!!) I feel calmer and more centered.  I feel focused and energized about my new work and feel so fortunate to be able to organize my time however it best suits me.

Learning a new craft in your mid-sixties is exhilarating.  I highly recommend it.

Can’t wait for the next five months!

Hope you all get some sunshine today.


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