A Day Filled With Love, Connections and New Traditions

Joanna table.jpgMeghan barn.jpg

I started my day on Saturday, October 1st in my favorite Chester County barn, Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm. It was here that my friend had decided to have her eldest daughter’s wedding shower brunch. What a perfect setting to celebrate Meghan who loves horses and all things rustic.  I first met Meghan in 1998 when she was a little girl living in California.  I traveled to California regularly for business and worked with Meghan’s father. He was generous in sharing his family with me and I became friends with his wife and girls. Fast forward a few years and this family became almost neighbors, when they moved just 7 miles from where I live. I have seen Meghan grow from a spunky little girl into a beautiful young woman (still spunky!) now prepared to marry the love of her life.

What I loved most about this shower was the simplicity and atmosphere. Guests were asked to leave the gifts unwrapped so they could be displayed for everyone to see and Meghan was spared the time it takes to open each gift. Instead, we were able to wander the barn and spend time talking with old friends and new. Add to that the delicious catered brunch and it made for a delightfully relaxed and happy way to start the day and honor the bride to be.

I am looking forward to traveling to Arizona next month to witness Meghan’s transition to wife and celebrate with her family.

Part two of my day started as I left the barn and headed home to meet up with my husband, grab our bags and hit the road for the Poconos. We had a 5 PM wedding to attend!

I was looking forward to this wedding very much.  This special couple came into my life just a couple of years ago, in the funniest way. I met Jo on the set of a movie and after spending a full day with her something clicked. Our rather large age difference did not hinder our future conversations and I found myself looking forward to each time we got together. Meeting Jo’s family was a treat and gave me insight into where her deep zest for life comes from. She is one of the happiest, most loving people I know. It is good to be around her.

Jo was one of the first people I talked with about my desire to make a film. When she told me her boyfriend was an owner in a film production company and he would probably agree to meet with me I was thrilled at the prospect. I have always enjoyed networking and jumped at the chance. The three of us met for dinner and the next connection was made. Not only was Zac willing to give me advice, he was interested in my project idea and promised to take it to his partners. Another fast forward and we are partnered and knee deep in the Beyond Sixty Project. Zac is the Director of Photography and chief over the crews working on the film.  We have traveled together, shared meals and have had some great discussions about life. Zac and Joanna together are pretty amazing and one of my all time favorite couples.

Just as I expected, this couple chose to create a wedding that reflected their spirituality. It was beautiful, meaningful and warmed my heart. The setting was outside, facing a lake. No fancy adornments, just nature. The Officiant was a long time family friend of Zac’s and personalized the ceremony perfectly. There were no cameras allowed and a beautiful meditation to ensure we met Joanna’s expectation of being present in the moment. Native American tradition came into the ceremony as Jo and Zac performed a version of the Seven Steps. Their personal vows were stated and we all danced into the night. What a great way to end a day filled with love.

Celebrations of love are important. At the end of the day it’s what life is all about.

My heart is full for Meghan and Quinton and Jo and Zac.  Thank you for letting me share in a piece of your stories.







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